What We Do

Humane Law Enforcement

Change an Animal's Life

Portage Animal Protective League, as a service to Portage County residents, fulfills an important role in investigating cases of possible animal abuse, neglect or abandonment.

Portage APL employs a court appointed Humane Agent who does the following:

  • Investigates suspected cases of animal cruelty and abuse.
  • In accordance with Ohio law and Portage APL policy, places domestic companion animals into protective custody when necessary for their care and safety.
  • Provides documentation and, when appropriate, other support in the prosecution of suspected abusers.
  • Educates residents and organizations within Portage County as to how animals can and should be treated humanely.
  • Works with local social services and law enforcement agencies to help people and animals.
Have you witnessed or suspect a situation of animal abuse or cruelty? You can report it securely and confidentially to our Humane Agent.
The Humane Agent at Portage APL has the powers to file animal cruelty charges on an individual and also write and serve search warrants.

In some cases the agent may educate the current owner on proper care so the animal can stay in the home.