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The following dogs and cats have been reported to Portage APL as lost pets.

Each case has it own Case ID. Please refer to the ID # when making inquiries or notifying us that you may have spotted the pet.

If you have previously created a report online and would like to update your listing, please call us and our office staff will update your listing.

(DLH, DMH, DSH) = Domesticated Long, Medium, Short Hair Cat.

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If you find a loose dog

Please contact the Portage County Dog Warden’s office and then call us so that we can log it, or make a report (above). Also, post it on the local lost and found Facebook groups, have it checked for a microchip (many local veterinarians can do this) and check with your neighbors.

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Case IDon DateLost/FoundSpeciesPrimary ColorMarkings / CharacteristicsName of Pet / Answers toLast Seen Near (Location)Image of PetPhone

Petite cat.


All black cat with round greenish yellow eyes. Very petite. Declawed in the front. Short black thick coat. Indoor cat

(440) 409-5747

Red collar, cuddly but likes to wrestle


Male, Blonde, amber eyes, lanky, wearing a red collar

(216) 712-2345

She is a medium size dog black with pointy ears brown eyes.

(330) 608-1533
LF-6764972404/04/2024LostCatGray and BlackToby

Gray and Black stripped

(330) 754-7237
LF-7476020704/01/2024LostCatTan brown grey and black and orange white

Orgre ears white paws orange strips on back legs


her names chole white paws she gots orange ear and green eyes I really miss my baby

(443) 490-7317

Green eyes grey nose brown bits above eyes with grey between

Momma/grey kitty

Shy and skinny grey with brown and white

(330) 524-7924

Small grey calico female cat. She is very shy. She is spayed

(330) 631-8931
LF-1442409603/18/2024LostCatBlack and gray

Sm brown spot by nose

Stink. Key Key

Crooked left ear

(330) 703-9563

Gray and White Tabby Cat with red bowtie

(216) 235-9613

Short hair black female.

(562) 507-9802

Scar in front of right ear


Grey shorthair domestic cat. Neutered male, about 11 pounds. Has a scar/scab in front of his right ear (was previously

(414) 690-3521
LF-4660166803/13/2024LostCatBlack and white


Chardonnay (“Kee”)

Chardonnay. Answers to “Kee”. Sweet and playful

(330) 472-2915

All black very long fur


Large but very skinny all black long haired cat, very vocal. Unsure of sex at the time.

(330) 958-2297

Small white dog with black around right eye also a black ring around tail.

LD, he goes by LD, the dog is deaf tho.

White Jack Russell with black ring around right eye and ring around tail.

(330) 541-0237

he is a brindle male with a chrome collar

(204) 514-5695

Green eyes silky fur


Name Sasha she's brown and black. Gray flea collar on fixed and micro chipped

(330) 323-2907
LF-1827023002/22/2024LostCatOrange tabbyMGK

1st Post wouldn’t let me correct phone phone number! Please use this information. Orange tabby, male, neutered, fluffy tail, 10lbs,

(859) 619-0217

Orange male tabby with long fluffy tail. About 10 pounds.

(829) 619-0217

White on mouth/face and paws black stripes

Brook (brookie) brooklynn “get up momma”

Brown, black stripes, brown Carmel eyes, pit bull mix mutt, about 6 yrs old, white paws and face from aging,

(330) 977-2738

Grey declawed cat

(330) 802-4550

Boxer- tan with black face and ears with white spots

(440) 305-3652

Mangled right ear

Mangled right ear

(330) 801-3291
LF-1021688802/04/2024LostOtherChocolate brown

Gray under chin and benign growth on chest


Chocolate lab, male, neutered, and benign growth on his chest and gray under his chin.

(330) 842-1724
LF-1021688802/04/2024LostDogChocolate brown

Benign growth on front of his chest and grey under his chin


Chocolate lab. Neutered with a microchip. Has a benign growth on the front of his chest

(330) 842-1724

The white of his eyes are a little red due to sneezing


Black long haired cat and he is real shy

(330) 348-4898
Case IDon DateLost/FoundSpeciesPrimary ColorMarkings / CharacteristicsName of Pet / Answers toLast Seen Near (Location)Image of PetPhone