What We Do

Pet Food Pantry

Change an Animal's Life

If you need assistance providing food for your pets, we’re here to support you.

We have all been there. Maybe it’s a lost job, increased bills, foreclosure or times are just tough. We know you love your pet and want to take care of it. Whether it’s food insecurity or lack of income, people will often feed their pets before they feed themselves.  

We want to help. If you need assistance to feed your pets, please contact us. We have a pet food pantry and give out food monthly to those in our program. We generally require some proof of need like a food stamp card or otherwise but during Covid-19 we may not ask you for it. Times are hard enough. Please call us to get set up on the program. It is not meant to provide all the food your pet needs, but to help supplement until you can provide it yourself. 


Get our Pet Food Pantry and Low-Cost Veterinary Resources Brochure in PDF format