Ways to Donate

Leadership Circle

In 2010, Portage Animal Protective League established Leadership Circle. Membership is granted to donors who provide financial support to Portage APL by contributing $1,000 or more annually.

Contributions from Leadership Circle members help countless animals who come to the shelter each year because they have been injured, abused, surrendered, or abandoned. These animals receive food, shelter, and medical care for as long as needed until each adoptable animal finds a “forever home.” Leadership Circle funds also support humane investigations. Reports of abandonment, cruelty, and neglect reach into the thousands. Contributions are also used to educate the public about the responsibilities of pet ownership and to offer low-cost spay and neuter clinics that help reduce pet overpopulation.

Our accomplishments are significant but our work is not done, and we face continuing challenges. We succeed primarily because of donations from the community. The need for resources is constant, and Leadership Circle members make the difference in our ability to maintain these critical services.

Portage APL speaks for the animals who have no voice. Your decision to join Leadership Circle will help ensure that their needs are met. Renewing your membership each year will make a powerful statement about your commitment to help the injured, unwanted, or abused animals in Portage County.

Leadership Circle


  • Become a member of Leadership Circle by contributing a total of $1,000 or more within a calendar year. Members are recognized throughout the following year.
  • Maintain Leadership Circle Sustaining Member status by continuing to donate at the $1,000 level during subsequent years.
  • Receive additional recognition after each five years of membership in Leadership Circle. This recognition is granted to those who have continued to donate at the $1,000 level over longer periods of time.
  • As a member of Leadership Circle, renew your yearly commitment to provide financial support, attend Portage APL special events, share your ideas with the Executive Director, contribute time and talents if you choose, and encourage community leaders and other citizens throughout Portage County to support the mission and goals of Portage APL.
Leadership Circle

Member Benefits

  • Recognition and induction at the Portage APL Annual “Paws to Honor” Dinner
  • Certificate and special pin designating your Leadership Circle membership status
  • Acknowledgment in Tattle Tails and other Portage APL publications
  • Communications with the Executive Director and an invitation to tour Portage APL shelter

Become a Member

Would you like to become a member of Leadership Circle? We’d love to have your support. It’s as simple as setting up a monthly recurring donation of $84 or more. 


Leadership Circle Members

Leadership Circle membership is granted to donors who provide financial support to Portage APL by contributing a minimum of $1,000 in a calendar year. Members are recognized throughout the following year.

Members who continue to donate in subsequent years at the Leadership Circle level are recognized as Sustaining Members. Additional recognition is granted at five-year intervals to those who have continued to donate at the $1,000 level over time. Life Member designation was awarded to qualifying Leadership Circle members through 2018.

Ten Year

Sustaining Members

Phyllis J. Baker
Wendy Bellinger
Pat Bingham
Karen & Thurl Carmany
KC Carrigg
Christine Coiner & Dr. Deborah Grant*
Mike & Jean Coss*
Erica Eckert & David Taylor*
Tracey & Michael Farrell
Karen Fox & Rick Stump*
Janet Hallaran
Barbara Hodous
Mary Ann & Elwood Howitt*
Sandra Krutz
James & Kathryn Lamb
Bob & Jennifer Larson*
Alan & Judith Mail
Alan & Louise Mellott
Dr. Nancy Mitchell
John & Mary Perry
Eileen Petridis*
Murali Shanker
Dr. Alan Steggles

Victoria Vincent
Wade & Michelle Williams*
Barbara Ziegler

*Denotes new member to group

Five Year

Sustaining Members

Timothy & Susan Bartlebaugh
Barbara Berry
Mary Ann Bigler
Suzanne Broadbent
Linda Bunyan
Karen Doseck
Joseph & Vicki Ferrara
Aurora Fussner
Penny Hughes
Dean & Patricia Keller
Charles & Nancy Madonio*
Fred Martin
Judy Mink

Kim Paulus
Patricia Shipp*
Susan & Ronald Trace
Thomas Trexler*
Mark & Erika Vlacovsky
Josephine Wardle
Mrs. Beth A. Wunderlich

*Denotes new member to group

Sustaining Members

Mary Beutel*
Todd & Bethany Brown*
Ronald Cantu*
Mary Champer
Linda Clifford
Mike & LuAnn Coldwell
Dionetta Cossin*
Lorna Fleming
Gay Marie Goden
Jean Grau
Jacob Graves
Judith Harrington
Daniel Hartsook
Tracy Konjovic
Gail Krueger*
Katy Ledew*
Robert Lindesmith
Dale Mizer*
Rosemary Nicholas
Josh & Heather Parr
Richard Penton
Inez & Henri Pusker*
Patrick & Sherri Riley*

Cathy Schellhammer
Joann Schinman
Carrie Schweitzer & Rodney Feldman
JoAnn Senyek
Janet Sessions
John & Joann Soukup*
Gary & Laurel Starks
Wayne Toven*
Katherine Vincent
Barbara & CR Wunderlich*
Sheryl Yankovich*

*Denotes new member to group

New Members

New to Leadership Circle in 2023

Rebecca Britton
Ben & Theresa Brugler
Sophie Burkart
Michele & Christian Cirino
Jason Daughtery
Susan & Gabe Faieta
Dr. Edward & Dorothy Kurz
Jack Kerrigan & Bill Milau
Ryan Pittinger
Anne Ramsey
Eric & Karen Rumley
Raymond Saliga
Mary Schellhammer
Sherry Smith
Kathy & George Snider
Scott & Margaret Weiner

Lifetime Members

(before 2018)

Jean Baker

Wendy Bellinger

Ted & Bev Bickley

Pat Bingham

Suzanne Broadbent

Thurl & Karen Carmany

Lou & KC Carrigg

Cheryl Casper

Laura Davis & Tom Clapper

Tom & Mary Cochran

Kathy Cordaro

Mike & Jean Coss

Helen D’Ianni

Karen Doseck

David Taylor & Erica Eckert

Michael & Tracy Farrell

Joe & Vicki Ferrara

Nancy Geiger

Christine Coiner & Dr. Deborah Grant

Janet Hallaran

Kim Hardesty

Barbara Hodous

Eileen Hogan

Mary Howitt

Sandra Jesionek

Dean & Patricia Keller

David & Maureen Kemmerle

Sandy Krutz

James & Kathryn Lamb

Bob & Jennifer Larson

Nick Leacoma

Alan & Judith Mail

Bruce McBrian

Alan & Louise Mellott

Nancy Mitchell

Wendell Parr



John & Mary Perry

Eileen Petridis

William Robenstine

Murali Shanker

Dr. Alan W. Steggles

Karen Fox & Rick Stump

Pam Valentine

Edward & Victoria Vincent

Josephine Wardle

Wade & Michelle Williams

Anne Wirth

Barbara Ziegler