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The following dogs and cats have been reported to Portage APL as lost pets.

Each case has it own Case ID. Please refer to the ID # when making inquiries or notifying us that you may have spotted the pet.

If you have previously created a report online and would like to update your listing, please call us and our office staff will update your listing.

(DLH, DMH, DSH) = Domesticated Long, Medium, Short Hair Cat.

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If you find a loose dog

Please contact the Portage County Dog Warden’s office and then call us so that we can log it, or make a report (above). Also, post it on the local lost and found Facebook groups, have it checked for a microchip (many local veterinarians can do this) and check with your neighbors.

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Case IDon DateLost/FoundSpeciesPrimary ColorMarkings / CharacteristicsName of Pet / Answers toLast Seen Near (Location)Image of PetPhone

I found two dogs together in my driveway on Vaughn rd in mantua. One is a male other is a

(216) 401-8477

Tongue stuck out of mouth just a little, jumps really high sort of like a deer

Seen in Valley hills, brown boxer mix, bigger than a boxer, male, unable to leash, skittish but seemed friendly

(330) 819-1076

Very light colored cream/grey and stripes on paw. Young, a little underweight

(330) 720-3741

One ear deformed due to infection. Fur tends to knot lately. Fixed male. Frontal declaw. Deteriorating teeth.

Curley. Also runs to you if call " snackie " in a cutesy voice for treats.

Corner of Prospect and Spruce Ave, Near Prospect House, Ravenna. Gray and white long hair mix. Ageing. 14 years old.

(330) 357-9960

some grayish dapple coloring


last seen on rt 82 by chamberlin rd in mantua hes black with brown and some dapple spots doesnt have

(330) 348-0003

Huge green eyes, bushy tail, big and striped, could be mistaken for a raccoon.


Male cat, very large, striped, black, grey long hair, green eyes, missing from 600 block of Depeyster St. (right off

(330) 940-9842
LF-4125359412/06/2022LostCatWhite and gray

The front side of her is white and back side of her is mostly gray with some white spots. Green eyes.


Lost near Limeridge Rd and Wygle Rd in Freedom Township. She is white and gray with green eyes.

(330) 696-4844

Back legs are mostly orange and white. Front leg is all orange with a small group of black patches.

Found in Franklin Township near Hudson and Judson. She is a friendly calico.

(330) 687-3252
LF-1850003711/22/2022LostCatCalico whiteHoney

Missing in the area of ravenna Ohio 44266

(330) 807-7092

Black dot on his pink nose

Frosty Whiskers

Unfixed older male cat found near Woodridge Schools. Very friendly, black and white short hair. Needs medical attention (scars, ticks,

(330) 206-9228

Tan eyebrows and underside


Lost at Indian valley drive. Haru is a 12lbs Shiba Inu Colors black and tan

(724) 480-6957

Across from Indian Valley apartments

(216) 408-4687

In Kent across the street from Indian Valley apartments

(216) 408-4687
LF-1959119911/28/2022LostCatBlack white gray tiger stripesLucky

Lost on Silica Sand Rd. Garrettsville

(330) 407-7892


Dawley Road in Ravenna Township

(330) 285-4001

782 Silver Meadows Blvd French Bulldog

(330) 554-5412



He ran off the leash. He is a French bulldog like 30 lbs and go by Gizmac. He won't bite.

(330) 554-5412

Seal point simease


Village Estates Ravenna. She's lynx sealpoint simease. Blue cross eyes

(330) 389-5500
LF-7641444011/22/2022LostCatBluish grey

Bright green eyes


699 Diane avenue streetsboro

(330) 988-9150

Grey stripes with fluffy tail

Brimfield Township (near Kent)

(614) 625-9619

special collar and unique features owner was able to identify.

Name reserved as owners know it!

10 year old Jack Russell lost in Ravenna between Hayes and New Milford Rd listed this morning - owner's have

(740) 817-0022

Owner should be able to identify unique Characteristics. Obviously someone's well cared for older pet.

Unknown name...friendly and answers to "buddy', "hey little guy"

New Milford Rd and Hayes Rd, Ravenna Ohio 44266 Older Pet - Well cared for. Has not been lost very

(740) 817-0022

Suffield- Kapity Drive. Small female black kitty. Name is Stella. Small white star shape on her chest greenish eyes. very

(330) 340-1683
LF-1343333309/01/2022FoundCatGoldDebra Yager

Found male gold tabby. Not neutered. Was extremely scared and has been around our house for a couple months just

(330) 839-3744

White mark on his chest and by his private


He is all black with a patch of white on his chest and right by his private and he is

(234) 972-8158
Case IDon DateLost/FoundSpeciesPrimary ColorMarkings / CharacteristicsName of Pet / Answers toLast Seen Near (Location)Image of PetPhone