Owner of Neglected Animals Found Guilty of Animal Cruelty

Last week, Denise Paolucci was found guilty of 4 counts of animal cruelty. Six months after Portage APL’s humane agent removed 10 dogs, 4 cats, 1 bird and 2 horses from her home, Denise was finally sentenced. She received 2 years of probation; she is prohibited from owning companion animals indefinitely and she must undergo a mental health evaluation.
These animals were living in deplorable conditions and were severely neglected. Many dogs were almost bald from skin infections and other disease; they were malnourished and living in absolute filth. Four cats and a bird were also living in the same house. The fumes from urine and feces were so horrendous that APL staff had to step outside so they could breathe. Imagine how the animals felt.
The horses were in a barn on the property in the same kind of neglectful conditions. Standing in ankle deep manure, they could not leave their stalls. They were emaciated, covered in feces and had no water to drink. Their hooves were long, and both needed medical attention.
These beautiful animals did not deserve the suffering they endured. We are grateful someone called to report it so we could save them and prosecute the person who caused it. The animals needed so much medical care and weeks or months of rehabilitation to mend their broken bodies and hearts.
Shout out to Happy Trails Farm Sanctuary for taking in the horses!!
Some of the animals have been adopted but many are still waiting to find a real home.
This is why we are here. We’ve been working on this case for 6 months and we are glad to have a conviction and closure on this terrible situation.
Thank you to all who support our work.