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The following dogs and cats have been reported to Portage APL as lost pets.

Each case has it own Case ID. Please refer to the ID # when making inquiries or notifying us that you may have spotted the pet.

If you have previously created a report online and would like to update your listing, please call us and our office staff will update your listing.

(DLH, DMH, DSH) = Domesticated Long, Medium, Short Hair Cat.

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If you find a loose dog

Please contact the Portage County Dog Warden’s office and then call us so that we can log it, or make a report (above). Also, post it on the local lost and found Facebook groups, have it checked for a microchip (many local veterinarians can do this) and check with your neighbors.

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Case IDon DateLost/FoundSpeciesPrimary ColorMarkings / CharacteristicsName of Pet / Answers toLast Seen Near (Location)Image of PetPhone

It is black, with medium length fur. Its ears have long, white wispy hairs and it has a white spot on neck

Cat was found on East Oak Street in Kent. It is black, with medium length fur. Its ears have long,

(330) 221-4913

Tabby with round bullseye shaped stripes. If you scratch his shoulders he will do a somersault.


Cat lost from Seabury Dr in Ravenna. Very large (18 lbs.) orange tabby cat with bullseye markings.

(330) 221-6918

Full grown male cat . Solid Grey. Was wearing a purple collar when he got out. Was last seen in

(234) 973-8489

Large black spot on side


Found running Newell ledge road, near nelson ledges road coarse. Sweet dog, Loves attention and people.

(440) 759-9293

His hair has spots all over


4162 Summit Road

(216) 463-1837

Long legs

Eric bennett

Black ,white female chihuahua Long legs

(330) 803-5797
LF-4060319609/27/2022LostDogLight brownPaco

Portage Lakes across the lake from the Ramp Restaurant

(330) 461-6577

Very sad looking eyes. Skiddish but friendly


Aurora east communty off of bartlett rd. Shalersville

(330) 931-0347

Some scattered white hairs, very little


Mantua - Wayne Rd area Black, male cat, short hair, neutered Very sleek, muscular Green eyes Last seen Friday 9/16

(440) 667-3728

She was lost at Lakeside Campground by Berlin Lake near Deerfield

(330) 316-0732

She has a cataract in her right eye when you are looking at her head on.


Last seen near North Chillicothe Road, Aurora across from the Barrington Golf Course and the railroad tracks. She is all

(330) 842-7585
LF-1133277509/21/2022FoundDogBlackKim Plechaty

Found in Shalersville on Infirmary Rd near Coit Rd. at 11pm Wednesday 9-21-2022. Smaller all Black female lab. Very friendly.

(330) 607-2767
LF-1974352009/16/2022LostCatBrown/ gray stripes with orange leg and patches as nd white feet she

Significantly hard of hearing
Squinting eyes

She doesn’t hear well.

Lost Striped cat with orange patches including an orange front leg. Has white chin, belly, leg, and feet. She was

(330) 274-3209

Black spots on ears

Near Edson rd in Kent/Brimfield

(330) 310-1474

Solid brown


Saybrook Giant Eagle

(607) 377-4618
LF-6867076808/29/2022LostBirdSky bluePico

Sky blue parakeet / budgie. He was last seen on September 1 2022 in west main st

(330) 351-7152

On the thin side due to stomach surgery. Black rosettes and stripes. Talks a lot.


Lost Summit and Vine Brown rosettes (black spots and stripes). Black-tipped tail. Very talkative. Very smooth fur.

(419) 320-8879

Sparkie is blonde and has a small blue line near his groin which indicated his neuter procedure.


Sparkie was last in Atwater, Ohio near State Route 183, on September 6,2022. He is a blonde labradoodle, with medium

(330) 217-4843

small blue line near groin that was marked when he was neutered.


Sparkie was lost In Atwater, Ohio near state route 183. Sparkie is a 2 year old blonde labradoodle. He is

(330) 217-4843

Garrettsville Hiram area

(215) 534-6295

Lost in Cornerstone Development, Rootstown OH. Grey Haired Cat, Green Eyes and Cross-eyed. Very Friendly.

(330) 221-5012
LF-1742247909/03/2022LostDogRed and white with red speckles

Lump on chest and green line on tummy


English red tick.coonhound. red with white and red speckles. Lump on chest. Name is Dakota. Female. Will respond to bebe

(234) 788-3289
LF-1475910908/29/2022LostBirdSky bluePico

Pico is a sky blue and white parakeet . He flew away on August 29 th 2022 from Plum Creek

(330) 593-1077
LF-1529271009/04/2022LostDogBrown with Black snoutBenny

Lost from my home on Cove Blvd. ,Portage Lakes, Boxer/Pit mix.

(330) 814-4404
LF-1110856908/27/2022LostCatOrange and WhiteCooper

Copper was last seen in Aurora at Hawthorn.

(440) 488-5934
Case IDon DateLost/FoundSpeciesPrimary ColorMarkings / CharacteristicsName of Pet / Answers toLast Seen Near (Location)Image of PetPhone