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Case IDon DateLost/FoundSpeciesPrimary ColorMarkings / CharacteristicsName of Pet / Answers toLast Seen Near (Location)Image of PetPhone
LF-1147517309/30/2021LostCatBrown and black

One toe on back paw is white

Lily/ moo moo

Pet was lost in Aurora

(330) 697-7074

Black male cat 20+pounds, few white hairs mainly on chest yellow /slight green eyes. Lost Oct 2nd from Fairways @

(810) 820-5259

Freckles on his nose, lips, and eyelids. He has white and black whiskers.

Leonardo "Leo"

Male orange tabby cat, neutered and still has his claws. He has lentigo (basically cat freckles) on his nose, eyes,

(330) 704-7284

Beautiful green eyes; talkative; very friendly; easily picked up and held.

Responded very quickly to "Here, Kitty".

Found at my back porch door on Page Road, North of Frost Road. Very Skinny, very hungry, very friendly, orange

(330) 548-1780

Brown eyes
Whjte feet


Lake Center St NW uniontown near Lake high school

(330) 815-1396
LF-1483177409/09/2021LostCatGrey/black stripes

Golf ball size white patch on chest. Very friendly.

Stubby Bob

Lost in Valley Hills trailer park. Silver tabby with golf ball size white patch on chest

(330) 281-2724

Has sum scratch marks on her like she was hurt

None no tags just coller

The cat been found and has a coller on her neck no tags friendliest cat ever looks like her skin

(330) 389-3343

SR 43 Streetsboro. Near Kennedy Road

(330) 283-2044
LF-1758948109/10/2021FoundCatlight brownish

darker tail, ears and legs

cat found in Kent, very affectionate and seems to be lost not a stray. lighter brownish body and then darker

(330) 284-5214

Right side has two upside down triangles of brownish/gray fur


Center of Aurora, Cobblestone Rd., New Hudson, E. Pioneer Trail. Snowshoe Male White, with Brownish/Gray Patches, Short Hair, Blue Eyes,

(330) 714-4644

white around mouth

Black lab mix Female All black with white around mouth 6 years old wearing pink collar

(740) 341-9346
LF-5716734609/03/2021LostDogBlack with white on face

White on face. She was wearing a pink collar


Hudson and Ellsworth Rd. Stow ohio

(740) 341-9346

Red undertones in her back fur. Hernia on her tummy.


Ravenna, oh. Sycamore st. Black and white with red undertones in the black on her back. Green collar and red

(330) 795-5090

Striped tail like a ringtail.

Orange tabby found on porch in Ravenna on St Rt 59. Very friendly.

(440) 454-3415

White legs


Lost near Chamberlain and 82. Medium about 40 pounds. Mix German shepherd, husky, collie. Black with some tan and also

(865) 202-6292

Fluffy tail with a slight bend or kink near the end of it.


Lost orange tabby older kitten/young cat from Harris St in Kent near Holden Elementary. He's an intact male orange tabby

(330) 474-9181

long legs and long tail very friendly


Found Orange tabby cat in Streetsboro off St. Rt. 43. Its a female she has long legs she has long

(330) 840-0462

Partially blind but friendly. Can be skittish.


Ran from yard at 801 Arlington Blvd Newton Falls,Ohio 44444

(330) 354-4838

Brown stripes on tail


White cat with brown on the tail, blue eyes found at University Townhomes in Kent Ohio.

(330) 814-4525

Blue collar

No tags

Found on the corner of mcclintocksburg rd and Scott’s corners, Beagle mix

(330) 635-5023

The cat appears to be rather old and possibly deaf. It has been hanging around for the last few weeks.

(330) 618-4744
LF-5383804408/19/2021LostCatBlack and white

Docked left ear


My husband was pulling a trailer with his truck on Tallmadge Road heading towards Rootstown near Stroup Road when he

(330) 221-2872
LF-1245156608/20/2021LostDogSilver Grey

Tons of silver and white on her coat due to age. No collar


The dogs name is India. She's a 14 years old. She is between 80 - 85 lbs, She was lost

(330) 325-2606

Lola has a white chest with some grey spots she also has a few white markings on her face. Same is tan with a medium sized black growth on his right shoulder.

Lola and sam

Aurora oh Bartlett rd around 1pm. Two dogs. Lola is a female grey Pitt with a white chest/belly she does

(330) 842-2714
LF-2123078608/13/2021LostCatLight grey

She has almost a white/light grey ring around her eyes. Like eyeliner.


Lost in Aurora, Ohio She is a light grey and tan shorthair domestic. 7lbs. 14 yes old.

(216) 509-2898
Case IDon DateLost/FoundSpeciesPrimary ColorMarkings / CharacteristicsName of Pet / Answers toLast Seen Near (Location)Image of PetPhone