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Case IDon DateLost/FoundSpeciesPrimary ColorMarkings / CharacteristicsName of Pet / Answers toLast Seen Near (Location)Image of PetPhone

A little of blue in the middle of bright yellowish eyes


Black cat male 2 years now, neutered. Extremely friendly. Black/dark gray collar. Indoor/outdoor cat but never leaves for more than

(330) 785-8276

Declawed chipped k9

Aladdin / lala

He is a tuxedo male 3 years old, white paws declawed chipped k9

(330) 524-8663

Chirps loudly when upset. Excellent flyer. Knows his name and may come when called.


White-faced cockatiel, male, does not have circles on his cheeks as many cockatiels do. Very tame and friendly, likes to

(216) 970-7016

Female German Shepherd (typical coloring) Wearing a flea collar and a regular collar

(330) 998-0230
LF-4194633109/13/2023LostCatBlack and White

Black nose. Black back and white underbelly and paws.


14 year old male. Black and white. Domestic long hair. Very fluffy. Big green eyes and a black nose.

(330) 319-3890

Black cat white on the face on the neck paws she's black and white wearing a little red collar faded

(330) 554-8988

Black with white has a red collar on with a little bell may be faded a little,Had a little scratch

(330) 554-8999

Super big paws meows really loud like he’s talking to you nicest guy alive

Sir Lars ulrich (Lars bars)

He’s super fluffy orange stripes with a thick face .. almost main coon looking

(330) 962-2597

Very small bit of white on chest but otherwise completely black.

Very friendly and very comfortable around people, very desperate for attention and affection. Did not act like a stray when

(330) 552-8954
LF-1442684508/19/2023LostCatDark GreyRayne (pronounced Rain)

Female Cat, Dark Grey, long hair, tail does not stand up and tip curls, spayed, SHY

(330) 839-3744
LF-1442684508/18/2023LostCatOrange and white tabbyHis name is kitty kat. Answers to just kitty also

He is a very a big cat like a tomcat.

(330) 281-6138

White patch on chest, pink nose. Skinny

Sadie / Sadie Mae

Brown pit bull, female. Has white on her chest and a purple collar

(269) 830-0799
LF-1192362808/25/2023FoundDog1) Black 2) Black

1) Small white spot on chest
2) Faint blue on snout, top of head, legs/feet, and tail. Small white spot on top of head.


A black lab puppy and a black Australian cattle dog. The puppy has a gold chain collar and the cattle

(419) 606-7223


(347) 636-1819


Order, medium body hair, fluffy tail, white flea collar, young.

(330) 260-6177

tiger pattern, scoots on floor, doesnt walk

~3 week old gray tiger kitten found on kent road

(718) 926-3151

Gabby is very shy and scared of most people. She usually tries to hide. She loves food/treats and that is

(330) 770-1505

Gabby is very shy and scared of people. A lot of times she will try to hide. She loves food

(330) 770-1505

Gabby is very shy and scared of most people. She will most likely try to hide. She loves food/treats and

(330) 770-1505

Black brindle French bulldog

(681) 205-3982

Mini has a patch of fur that looks like a diamond on her chest, Teena has a white part under her nose that makes her look like she's pursing the top of her lip

Mini Moose and Athena/Leela

Mini moose is a shorter to medium hair grey Tabby Athena or Leela is a long haired grey Tabby kinda

(330) 285-9714
LF-1030005108/11/2023LostCatGrey & WhiteDewey

Grey & White Tabby male cat I don't feel he hears very well

(330) 289-8044

Very sweet and cuddly

Been calling her" Wednesday "

All black kitten yellowish eyes looks to be about 8-9 weeks old

(330) 281-9490
LF-1640034208/12/2023FoundCatIt was dark out. Cat was patterned except for back legs and paws white

White socks on front paws. Back legs mostly white. Rest of cat brown patterned.

(920) 243-8799

Has spots and stripes


Gray with stripes.

(440) 476-7507
Case IDon DateLost/FoundSpeciesPrimary ColorMarkings / CharacteristicsName of Pet / Answers toLast Seen Near (Location)Image of PetPhone