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Case IDon DateLost/FoundSpeciesPrimary ColorMarkings / CharacteristicsName of Pet / Answers toLast Seen Near (Location)Image of PetPhone

Green eyes silky fur


Name Sasha she's brown and black. Gray flea collar on fixed and micro chipped

(330) 323-2907
LF-1827023002/22/2024LostCatOrange tabbyMGK

1st Post wouldn’t let me correct phone phone number! Please use this information. Orange tabby, male, neutered, fluffy tail, 10lbs,

(859) 619-0217

Orange male tabby with long fluffy tail. About 10 pounds.

(829) 619-0217

White on mouth/face and paws black stripes

Brook (brookie) brooklynn “get up momma”

Brown, black stripes, brown Carmel eyes, pit bull mix mutt, about 6 yrs old, white paws and face from aging,

(330) 977-2738

Grey declawed cat

(330) 802-4550

Boxer- tan with black face and ears with white spots

(440) 305-3652

Mangled right ear

Mangled right ear

(330) 801-3291
LF-1021688802/04/2024LostOtherChocolate brown

Gray under chin and benign growth on chest


Chocolate lab, male, neutered, and benign growth on his chest and gray under his chin.

(330) 842-1724
LF-1021688802/04/2024LostDogChocolate brown

Benign growth on front of his chest and grey under his chin


Chocolate lab. Neutered with a microchip. Has a benign growth on the front of his chest

(330) 842-1724

The white of his eyes are a little red due to sneezing


Black long haired cat and he is real shy

(330) 348-4898

He has a benign tumor on his chest that is pretty noticeable.

Tanger - (like Tangy with an er)

Chocolate Lab, Silver Color, no tags, part of a lead connected

(330) 858-0444

Tan with black on face belgian malinois

(419) 612-0169

black mustache

Long-Haired Tuxedo with unique black mustache

(614) 625-9619

Orange Long Haired cat. About 10lb. White paws. He is microchipped

(330) 398-1973
LF-5929523902/02/2024LostDogBlond brownTaki

Small brown and white looks kind of corgi

(330) 524-0203
LF-9304167301/30/2024FoundDogBlack and grey

White strip going down to its nose

Mix breed hurding collie look Black and gray

(330) 475-4904


(330) 221-6876

Black/dark brown Pit Mix, approx. 50 lbs, not wearing a collar

(440) 666-4823

Semi-bald in front of his right ear

Kitty Grey

Full grown 6yr neutered completely grey green eyes green reflective collar

(330) 389-5647
LF-1296725901/09/2024FoundDogDark white

Appears to be in heat right now.

Primarily a dark white with some tan. Maybe 80 lbs.

(614) 306-7270

Heart shaped brown patch on back


3year old 20 pound Pekingese White and brown fluffy tail Heart shaped brown patch on back Friendly, long tongue Reward

(330) 389-6315

9mo MN orange tabby, was wearing navy blue collar with stars/moon. He is microchipped.

(814) 602-9700
LF-1802207512/27/2023FoundCatBlack and white

small black patch on chin

Black and white cat, small to medium and looks in good health. No collar, small black patch under chin.

(216) 403-8542
LF-1169135312/15/2023LostCatTan brownSimon

Siamese brown tan blue eyes

(330) 604-5545

White markings on chest and face

Penny, Pen Pen

Domestic short hair gray cat, white markings on chest/belly/face, green eyes

(330) 281-7412
Case IDon DateLost/FoundSpeciesPrimary ColorMarkings / CharacteristicsName of Pet / Answers toLast Seen Near (Location)Image of PetPhone