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Case IDon DateLost/FoundSpeciesPrimary ColorMarkings / CharacteristicsName of Pet / Answers toLast Seen Near (Location)Image of PetPhone
LF-5439957403/25/2023FoundDogblack and whiteI just called him “puppy”

The pet was found in Brimfield, Ohio on Arcadia Road. The dog came right up to me as I was

(330) 780-7144
LF-1551822303/21/2023FoundDogBrown, black whiteNot known.

Young male Beagle found at Berlin wildlife area on Fewtown Rd. Friendly and well cared for. No collar or chip

(724) 316-2326

Green eyes.


Kent, Ohio. Stow, Ohio

(330) 937-7483
LF-7258174003/13/2023LostDogBlack and whiteJackson

Elinore and E272 streer

(134) 725-7419
LF-4116412403/12/2023LostDogBrindle brown/gray mix

White patch on chest


Escaped yard in Lexington Place off of Rootstown rd around 2:15 Sunday afternoon

(330) 524-5796

White markings on face, chest, and some feet. Very tip of tail is white.


Louie Escaped from our fence in Suffield Twp. Near the intersection of congress lake rd. and 224. His most recent

(330) 592-0098

White bib on chest, some white in the ears


Lake St and Edgewood Drive running in the direction of KSU campus Very small black cat with black bib on

(440) 409-5979

Green eyes and long whiskers.


He responds to Dudley, he has a raspy meow, he is very approachable. He is an orange and cream tabby.

(330) 671-2086
LF-9597559702/26/2023LostCatDirty White

Black face, ears, tail, and feet


Large (12+ lbs) Male Siamese Cat. Blue collar with a bow and a nametag, which includes my phone number. Cudi

(440) 821-4597

Blind in one eye


My cat bout 18 months black an white med hair he is blind in one eye believe he is between

(330) 348-1212

Pink nose


Shalersville, redfox neighborhood. Yellow lab green eyes. No collar

(330) 931-0280

He is mostly white has gray on his back left leg.Very gentle layed back cat. Has a low little meow. Usually with are other cat.

Martion, Answers to Marty.

4663. State Route 43 Kent, oh 44240 a white and gray cat, mostly white. Wearing a blue collar with a

(333) 308-4275

Green eyes, mostly gray head


Meadow view Estates, Near Duncan Way. Calico, white with gray and brown spots. About 6-8 pounds. No collar. Timid but

(330) 310-8837

Tuxedo cat pattern with a white mustache, belly, feet, and a splotch between his eyes and on the brow of his nose. Very friendly.


Boots snuck out at 1 am on the morning of 2/8 from 1863 old forge road (near old forge road

(724) 591-3469
LF-8862900902/07/2023FoundCatyellow tabby

White boots

Found Young yellow/white cat near KSU Kent - has ear nipped indicating it may be neutered. Very friendly - appears

(330) 678-5897

All black (fluffy fur)cat was wearing a gray seresto flea collar

(330) 348-9749

White marking on chest

Black and white. Medium size. Female pitt

(330) 612-9386
LF-1422358209/08/2022LostCatGrayFelix or Fefe

Last seen on Nicola drive in Aurora Ohio. Gray tabby cat

(330) 329-9062
LF-9147257401/18/2023FoundCatGraykathy douglas

Found Frost Rd area in Streetsboro. Small, gray kitty. Very friendly!

(330) 235-3350
LF-1198138706/01/2022LostCatwhitemoo moo

Lost at Fox run trailer park, hes been gone for a while.

(234) 263-9020

Westwood Village off Summit Rd in Ravenna . Gray and white neutered male. Indoor only so may be very scared

(330) 351-0077

Red nosed. Red dog collar, tags left behind


Ran out the house on King Street in Ravenna while kids were leaving for school. Gray and white 2 yr

(234) 303-8050

Lost on Vine St in Kent, slipped out somehow. Possibly picked up by a good Sam on vine and morris

(330) 993-7037

I found two dogs together in my driveway on Vaughn rd in mantua. One is a male other is a

(216) 401-8477

Tongue stuck out of mouth just a little, jumps really high sort of like a deer

Seen in Valley hills, brown boxer mix, bigger than a boxer, male, unable to leash, skittish but seemed friendly

(330) 819-1076
Case IDon DateLost/FoundSpeciesPrimary ColorMarkings / CharacteristicsName of Pet / Answers toLast Seen Near (Location)Image of PetPhone