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Case IDon DateLost/FoundSpeciesPrimary ColorMarkings / CharacteristicsName of Pet / Answers toLast Seen Near (Location)Image of PetPhone
LF-9598314106/22/2024LostCatDark Tabby

Half black and brown spot on right side of nose.

Name: Aires; Nickname: Bud, Baby Bud or Turd

His name is pronounced like the zodiac sign. He is a dark colored tab mostly on his body from ears

(330) 221-0204
LF-1997118506/15/2024LostCatBlack and white

Half mustache, her tail is slightly crooked


Black and white long hair. Crooked tail.

(330) 281-9040

Fluffy ears, purple collar


Cream doodle/poodle

(260) 215-1591

Very bright yellow/gold eyes with blue/green inner circle

Kai / Kairi

Small Grey Cat, long fur, yellow green eyes, two collars (one with bow, one purple flee collar)

(330) 842-5377
LF-1911049006/07/2024FoundCatBrown and black

Five baby kittens abandoned

(219) 221-7454
LF-1470648506/01/2024FoundDogwhiteno name-we've been calling her scaggly Izzy

Black and white wire hair spotted puppy with hound face with floppy ears

(330) 564-7376

Grey under belly


Black, fluffy very friendly. Some grey under

(330) 554-5151

Dog is missing one eye


Brown and white springer spaniel. Missing one eye.

(760) 828-0368

Grey and black striped Male neutered cat

(330) 281-6280
LF-9257326505/27/2024LostCatBrown tabby

Pink nose, white leg front right, tabby brown leg front left

Chanel or Chi-Chi

All four of her paws are white with one white leg in the front and one tabby stripped leg in

(330) 842-3437

Friendly loving

Peaches or little man

Orange tabby male 3years old fixed and chipped but chip unregistered I believe

(330) 481-7823
LF-7575044805/14/2024LostCatBlack and brown tiger stripes

Brown nose


Male adult cat, black and brown tiger with light green eyes and brown nose.

(231) 598-0876
LF-1428257205/15/2024LostCatGray, black and white

All 4 feet are white.


Domestic long hair, gray with black stripes, white belly, four white feet and brown mustache across his face. He looks

(330) 931-2414
LF-1428257205/12/2024LostCatBlack and white

She may be mistaken for a kitten as she's so small. Very food morivated.


Long hair, black and white female. Has blue collar with a bell and is microchipped. She is spayed but not

(330) 931-2414
LF-1874352905/08/2024FoundCatBlack or dark gray

Can't tell if it's striped or not


Black or dark gray and white Fluffy Small

(219) 775-2766
LF-1874352905/08/2024LostCatTan (torso)

Pale blue eyes. Darker along hip line


Siamese seal point (dark brown face ears feet and tale) pale blue eyes, tan body. Skittish with very quiet voice.

(330) 357-1140

She's a black and white pitt bull named karma... she's very friendly and we just want her home

(330) 356-4213

Extremely friendly


Black neutered male. 1 year old with a blue collar with sushi on it and a bell at the front

(509) 954-2947

Brown tabby , appears to be young, intact male. Extremely friendly

(330) 388-6812

Has big eye stains.-

Small tan/cream colored. Has a green/black/white collar.

(608) 697-0586

Petite cat.


All black cat with round greenish yellow eyes. Very petite. Declawed in the front. Short black thick coat. Indoor cat

(440) 409-5747

Red collar, cuddly but likes to wrestle


Male, Blonde, amber eyes, lanky, wearing a red collar

(216) 712-2345

She is a medium size dog black with pointy ears brown eyes.

(330) 608-1533
LF-6764972404/04/2024LostCatGray and BlackToby

Gray and Black stripped

(330) 754-7237
LF-7476020704/01/2024LostCatTan brown grey and black and orange white

Orgre ears white paws orange strips on back legs


her names chole white paws she gots orange ear and green eyes I really miss my baby

(443) 490-7317
Case IDon DateLost/FoundSpeciesPrimary ColorMarkings / CharacteristicsName of Pet / Answers toLast Seen Near (Location)Image of PetPhone