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Case IDon DateLost/FoundSpeciesPrimary ColorMarkings / CharacteristicsName of Pet / Answers toLast Seen Near (Location)Image of PetPhone
LF-1030005108/11/2023LostCatGrey & WhiteDewey

Grey & White Tabby male cat I don't feel he hears very well

(330) 289-8044

Very sweet and cuddly

Been calling her" Wednesday "

All black kitten yellowish eyes looks to be about 8-9 weeks old

(330) 281-9490
LF-1640034208/12/2023FoundCatIt was dark out. Cat was patterned except for back legs and paws white

White socks on front paws. Back legs mostly white. Rest of cat brown patterned.

(920) 243-8799

Has spots and stripes


Gray with stripes.

(440) 476-7507

3 to 5 months old kitty. Male. Long hair. Orange and white

(330) 883-9887

Very friendly

Paw Pae

We are missing our cat Paw-Paw, this is day 3 that he has been gone. He is usually an indoor/outdoor

(234) 716-6661
LF-8748658108/07/2023FoundCatBlack And White

White orange and grey one has a spot on its back with more orange ears

Two small little kittens. One is black that had been a little scraggly and one is white with grey and

(330) 554-3873
LF-8642558408/03/2023LostCatDark greNala

Longed hair, fluffy, solid dark grey fur, green eyes, medium size, female

(440) 823-5410
LF-1832210108/03/2023LostCatDark greyNala

Female, longed hair cat, all grey, green eyes.

(440) 823-5410

All black male cat. 18 pounds. Snaggle tooth. Green eyes.

(330) 696-9117

Yellow eyes

Cinnamon or Spruce

Tortise shell (Black and Tan)

(716) 361-0848
LF-1732522208/01/2023FoundCatlight brown or tan.

black ear tips, long legs.

Tall and slim with long legs, light brown fur with dark brown spots, black ear tips, a long angular face,

(330) 527-4000

Female calico cat named Ava. About 10 years old. She has a stuffy nose.

(718) 801-1485

Buff colored- large Male - 3 years old, very social and affectionate- gold eyes, microchipped

(614) 330-0129

white on neck chest area


brindle female no collar

(330) 717-9337
LF-2060592907/24/2023LostDogLight brownMary

Mary is black with light brown eyes pointy ears medium/small dog. Sweet and friendly

(330) 608-1533

Chinese Shar-Pei; white/tan/cream

(330) 801-2571

Male sharpei, cream colored, skittish

(330) 842-2828

Birth mark in his nose fr


Fat orange and white male. There’s a little black spot next to his nose. White underbelly

(330) 775-9739
LF-2861350407/13/2023LostCatBrown tabby

Left eye blue
Right eye green

Raygyn Michelle

Tabby top and white belly. Left eye blue right eye green Blue/flower print collar with bell

(281) 623-7714

Half a mustache, white boots


black and white tuxedo cat. Green eyes, half a mustache that runs down the side of his neck and connects

(330) 550-9067

White put mix

(330) 554-6424

White face, pink nose, orange/yellow eyes, appears to have some freckles.

Elizabeth Zidones

Petite cat white with brown tabby spots. Tabby tail with white tip.

(813) 557-3680

3 cats. All black looks like a mom and two kittens

(330) 472-5955

Lots of colors but not striped. Slight flufiness around her neck and a very distinct meow


Multicolored cat with short hair and a little fluff by the neck. Bigger ears for her face.

(330) 732-7011
Case IDon DateLost/FoundSpeciesPrimary ColorMarkings / CharacteristicsName of Pet / Answers toLast Seen Near (Location)Image of PetPhone