Case IDLF-16400342
Date the Pet Was Lost/Found08/12/2023
Was the Pet Lost or Found?Found
Location the Pet was Lost/Found and Description of the Pet

White socks on front paws. Back legs mostly white. Rest of cat brown patterned.

Species of PetCat
Age of PetOlder kitten?
Primary Color of PetIt was dark out. Cat was patterned except for back legs and paws white
Sex of PetUnknown
Is the Pet Spayed/Neutered?Unknown
Size of PetCat: Small (thin body, small head)
Did Pet Have a Collar or Leash?No
Did Pet Have an ID Tag or Dog License?No, or unknown
Is Pet Microchipped?Unknown
Is Microchip Registered?Unknown
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First NameRae
Phone(920) 243-8799